PSYC 6273 - Textbook Information Forthcoming

Cultural Diversity in Counselling


Textbook Requirements for Fall 2021 Currently Under Review:

1. France, M.H. (2013) Diversity, Culture and Counselling. Second edition. Brush Education. 

Diversity, Culture and Counselling is available in the online bookstore and can be purchased below. 

2. Collins, S. (2018b). Embracing cultural responsivity and social justice: Re-shaping professional identity in counselling psychology. Counselling Concepts. 

Embracing cultural responsivity and social justice is available only in e-book format and can only be purchased directly from the publisher Counselling Concepts.                                                                                     
Please note:  Embracing cultural responsivity and social justice is used in several MACP/DCP courses, please keep it on your hard drive.