EDEL 6153

Author(s): MacKinnon, B. / Fiala, A.

Edition: Ninth

Required / Optional:  

REQUIRED - Access to the text.


Purchase options 

You must purchase only ONE of the following items. By choosing any of the options below you have access to all REQUIRED materials for your course.

Print Copy: 

Physical copy of the textbook. MindTap not included.

E-book (Non-expiring):

Access to the textbook online. MindTap not included.

Print Restrictions:
2 Page Limit

Paste Restrictions:
2 Page Limit

MindTap :

Temporary access to MindTap (180 days) which includes access to the required eBook and additional supports such as videos, quizzes, etc. MindTap is not required, but is very relevant to course learning objectives.


Please note that if you choose to purchase an option that does not contain MindTap and you want to access that feature in future you must make a new purchase.