EDEL 6183 Required Coursepack

EDEL 6183

This coursepack contains the following readings for EDEL 6183 in .PDF format:

  1. Epstein, J.L., Galindo, C.L. & Sheldon, S.B. “Levels of
    Leadership”. Educational Administration Quarterly, Vol. 47 #3,
    2011. pp. 462-495.
  2. Sanders, M.G. “Sustaining Programs of School, Family, and
    Community Partnerships”. Educational Policy, Vol. 26 #6, 2012.
  3. McCrimmon, A.W. “Inclusive Education in Canada”. Intervention
    in School and Clinic, Vol. 50 #4, 2015. pp.234-237.
  4. Villegas, A.M. & Lucas, T. “Preparing Culturally Responsive
    Teachers”. Journal of Teacher Education, Vol. 53 #1, 2002. pp.
  5. Rasmussen, L., Haggith, K. & and Roberts, J. “Transition to
    Adulthood, Moving Needs into Practice”. Relational Child and
    Youth Care Practice, Vol. 25 #3, 2012. pp. 29-38.
  6. Bush, P. “The Presbyterian Church in Canada's Mission to
    Canada's Native Peoples, 1900–2000”. International Bulletin of
    Mission Research, Vol. 36 #3, 2012. pp. 115-120.

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