EDEL 6003 Required Coursepack

EDEL 6003

This coursepack contains the following readings for EDEL 6003 in .PDF format:

  1. Dion, S. D. (2007). “Disrupting molded images: Identities,
    responsibilities and relationships – teachers and indigenous subject
    material”. Teaching Education, 18(4), 329-342.
  2. Marin, A., & Bang, M. (2015). “Designing pedagogies for
    Indigenous science education: Finding our way to storywork”.
    Journal of American Indian Education, 54(2), 29-51.
  3. Iseke, J., & Desmoulins, L. (2015). “A two-way street: Indigenous
    knowledge and science take a ride”. Journal of American Indian
    Education, 54(3), 31-53.
  4. Marker, M. (2011). “Teaching history from an Indigenous
    perspective: Four winding paths up the mountain”. In P. Clark
    (Ed.), New possibilities for the past: Shaping History Education in
    Canada, pp. 97-115. Vancouver: UBC Press.
  5. Archibald, J. (2008). “Indigenous storywork: Educating the heart,
    mind, body, and spirit”. Chapter four: The power of stories to
    educate the heart (pp. 83-100). Vancouver: UBC Press.
  6. Cajete, G. A. (2016). “Indigenous education and the development
    of Indigenous community leaders”. Leadership, 12(3), 364-376.

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