EDAE 6373 - Spring 2021

Online Learning and Teaching


Here are the links to your free textbooks:

1. Bates, A.W. (2015) Teaching in a digital age, open.bccampus.ca, retrieved from  http://opentextbc.ca/teachinginadigitalage/  

2. Westera, W. (2015) The digital turn: How the Internet transforms our existence, retrieved from http://www.thedigitalturn.co.uk/  

3. Blessinger, P. & Bliss, T.J. (2016) Open Education: International Perspectives in Higher Education, Open Book Publishers, ISBN 978-1-78374-280-6, retrieved from https://www.openbookpublishers.com/product/531/open-education--international-perspectives-in-higher-education