BUSI 4033 - Winter 2021 (On Campus)

Business Improvement Project

Please note that this course will be changing to Course ID 4133 Business Improvement Project as of Spring 2021

Required Textbooks: 
1. Beatty, Carol A. (2016). The Easy, Hard & Tough Work of Managing Change. Queens University IRC. ISBN 978-0-88886-568-7 (html)
To download the textbook visit the following page https://irc.queensu.ca/articles/easy-hard-tough-work-managing-change and click on the link to download 

2. Judge, William Q. (2012). Focusing on Organizational Change. Saylor Foundation. ISBN 13: 9781453332887. Retrieved from https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/textbooks/128 

Case Studies:
The case studies mentioned below need to be purchased from Ivey Publishing website. A course pack including the following two cases has been created for the students.

3. Bansal, P., Montgomery, W. and MacMillan, K. (2020). Maple Leaf Foods: Changing the System. Ivey Publishing. Product Number: 9B20M174. https://www.iveycases.com/ProductView.aspx?id=112061

4. Vallabh, P., Das, R. and Jayaseelan, S. and Dhar, S. (2020). PNB Housing Finance Limited: Toward Successful Transformation. Ivey Publishing. Product Number: 9B20M078. https://www.iveycases.com/ProductView.aspx?id=109323