BUSI 4013 - Partial Coursepacks

Business Organization



The required readings for BUSI 4013 are excerpts from textbooks either currently or previously required for the BBA program. Some students may have copies of these textbooks already.

If you do not have access to ANY of the readings below, BUSI 4013 Complete Coursepack (Readings 1-6) is the appropriate option for you.

If you have copies of these texts purchased for previous courses, purchase only the readings you do not have copies of in the form of BUSI 4013 Partial Coursepacks.

BUSI 4013 Partial Coursepacks contains the following readings:

BUSI 4013 Partial Coursepack - Reading 1
1. Langton, N., Robbins, S. Organizational Behaviour Toronto: Pearson Education Canada, 2012. Pgs 362-393

BUSI 4013 Partial Coursepack - Reading 2
2. Yates, R.A., Bereznicki-Korol, T., Clarke, T. Business Law in Canada Toronto: Pearson Education Canada, 2013. Pgs 344-421

BUSI 4013 Partial Coursepack - Reading 3
3. Heizer, J., Render, B. Operations Management 1CE, Toronto: Pearson Education Canada. 2013 Pgs 467-508

BUSI 4013 Partial Coursepack - Reading 4
4. Jones, G.R., Mills, A.J., Weatherbee, T.G. & Helms Mills, J. Organizational Theory, Design and Change Toronto: Pearson Education Canada, 2006. Pgs 106-142

BUSI 4013 Partial Coursepack - Reading 5
5. Wild, J.J., & Wild, K.L. International Business 7e, Toronto: Pearson Education Canada, 2013. Pgs 298-322

BUSI 4013 Partial Coursepack - Reading 6
6. Ragan, C. Microeconomics 14CE, Toronto: Pearson Education Canada, 2013. Pgs 824-846

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